About Tools of Marketing, Inc.

Our mission at Tools of Marketing is to help businesses create long-lasting relationships with their clients through the power of promotional products.

Tools of Marketing is a full-service promotional products company. We offer a wide range of advertising specialty items and fulfillment services to help you with your promotional needs.

Promotional products, also known as ad specialties, is a nearly $17 billion industry and are used by virtually every business in America. Why? Items like mugs, pens, and t-shirts are memorable and provide a better cost per impression for advertisers than almost every other major marketing effort like TV, magazines, and the internet. We can assist businesses with the following programs:

  • Corporate Recognition & Gifts
  • Premiums & Incentives
  • Trade Show Handouts & Displays
  • Safety Programs
  • Holiday & Thank You Gifts
  • Employee Recognition & Appreciation
  • E-Commerce Services : Online Store & Fulfillment Services
  • Product Introductions
  • Fundraising Ideas
  • Sport Team Clothing
  • Company Outings
  • Corporate Apparel
  • Employee Anniversary Gifts
  • Brand Awareness
  • On Boarding Gifts
  • Office Supplies
  • Service Awards
  • Employee Retention
  • School Spirit

We are able to supply businesses with just about every possible promotional product from our over 3,000 suppliers. With the number of companies we work with the possibilities are endless. Quick turnaround on fulfillment, quality products, exceptional customer service, and three graphic designers on staff sets us apart from the competition.


Our Story

Tools of Marketing, Inc. is a successful woman-owned promotional products and fulfillment company that was founded on March 11, 1995 by Marietta Reuter. It will continue to be a family and women owned business, as it has recently added Amanda, Mariah, and Martina as generation two.

Volunteering and giving time to others is very important to Marietta and her staff. Throughout the year we take time to volunteer. For example, once a month we work at the local food pantry. Annually, we sponsor a table and send the entire staff to spend an afternoon packing food at the “Feed My Starving Children” food pack event. We also use our graphic design talents to create flyers/brochures/logos for nonprofit organizations and events. Three staff members also volunteer for Friends of Sauk Prairie Parks and Rec. Marietta has been on the Cow Chip Committee for 30 years. She has served on the S.P. Area Chamber of Commerce ambassador committee for 20 years and served on their board several times as well as being their Chamber President a few years ago. She is on the Rec Commission, Food Pantry Board, and volunteers one evening a month at a distribution. Marietta was a girl scout leader for her three daughters as they grew up. She's also very involved in her church helping with fish fry’s and other events as well as chairing their annual festival for the past 5 years.

Why Tools of Marketing? She wanted a name that told people what her business was and emphasized how important it was to use these products to market their business. She doesn’t want to fill closets with useless items but provide them with quality items that help businesses grow. She also felt that the T.O.M abbreviation fit perfectly with her tomboy personality. Having grown up on a farm in the small town of Roxbury, WI, Marietta knew what hard work was and continues to work hard in the business and in the community. She is the 9th of 11 children and had more responsibilities than most kids. In between her chores, she was always trying to keep up with her 6 older brothers. Her philosophy was, anything they could do she could do. Marietta was a true "TOM"boy!

One of Marietta’s main goals when she started her business, was to be there when her kids got off the bus after school. She wanted to have a career but also felt it was important to be involved in her kid’s lives and didn’t want to fail as a mom. After helping another company to branch into the promotional products industry in Madison and was their office manager for 11 years, Marietta decided it was time to go out on her own. On March 11, 1995, she opened Tools of Marketing and ran it out of an 8’ x 8’ bedroom of their 900 square foot home. Amanda, Marietta’s niece was her first employee when she was in middle school and has been with the company ever since. Mariah and Martina both daughters of Marietta, started when they were young and worked in the business during high school and college. She wanted to make sure they were hard workers before she let them go work for anyone else. All three decided to stay after college and become full time employees and part owners of the company.

In 2000, Marietta and her husband Marc built their dream home to include 1,100 sq. ft. of office space above the garages, and 1,200 sq. ft. of warehouse space in their basement for the growing business. In this space, Tools of Marketing was able to grow. In 2017, with 15 employees and additional fulfillment programs, we were running out of space!

In April 2018, we moved into our newly constructed 10,000 sq. ft. building which allows us to offer more fulfillment programs and additional staff as needed. With our increase in space also came an increase in demand! In 2023, we added on an additional 15,000 sq. ft onto our warehouse to accommodate the growing business, including our in-house Embroidery department. We have also expanded our staffing, now having 38 full time employees and 92 employees in total! This new space has allowed us to further expand our fulfillment program to meet the growing needs of our industry.



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